KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

May 25, 2019, Jeonju

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The English language teaching context is in constant flux, with our students' focus on technology seemingly reducing their attention span, the rapid change in student number with the low birth rate in Korea, and other factors within and beyond our control. How can we as teachers, administrators, parents, and members of the public take action to improve learner motivation to learn English?

Korea TESOL is a non-profit, professional organization that seeks to assist teachers in self-development and improve English Language Teaching in Korea. At the 2019 KOTESOL National Conference, prepare to "Learn - Share - Succeed."

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Korea TESOL is an English teachers association dedicated to improving English language teaching and learning not only for our members but for all teachers in Korea, and beyond.

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The role of KOTESOL is to promote scholarship, disseminate information, and facilitate cross-cultural understanding among persons concerned with teaching and learning of English in Korea.

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All English teachers or English-based businesses, of any level or nationality, are eligible to join KOTESOL. Find out more at www.koreatesol.org/join-kotesol

Plenary Speaker

Jack C. Richards

Seven Myths in Language Teaching

Language teaching has often been a melting pot for a variety of assumptions and beliefs about what language is and how it can best be learned and taught. Some of these assumptions are based on folklore, and others reflect discarded theories and viewpoints about language teaching and learning. While some of the ideas we encounter in the language teaching market may be relatively harmless, others can have a negative impact on approaches both to language teaching as well as to the professional education of language teachers. It is assumptions and claims of the latter kind that are my focus here, in which I want to examine seven persistent myths and claims about second language teaching. Read more →

Jack Richards has had an active career in the Asia Pacific region and is currently an honorary professor in the faculty of education at the University of Sydney and at the University of Auckland and an Adjunct Professor at Victoria University. He is a frequent presenter worldwide and has written over 150 books and articles on language teaching as well as many widely used classroom texts including the Interchange and Four Corners series.

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2019 Speakers

Conference Schedule

9:00 amRegistrationFoyer
10:00 amWorkshops I (45 min)
OnnuriHow to Do Action Research: A Guide for ELT Classroom Teachers Grace H. WangOnnuri Hall
HighlightedTeaching EFL through Korean Culture Ali Safavi101
MotivationUsing Personal Relationships to Motivate English Learning David Devora107
SkillsEFL Academic Writing Instruction Workshop Richard Schlight202
Technology 10:00 | Ups and downs - Tracking student motivation though motivational panels Angela Jeannette201
10:25 | Mobile tech and Gamification: Motiva(c)tion in Korean EFL Eric Duncan Reynolds
+ Benjamin Taylor
MixedMeet the SIGs Breakfast Mike Peacock204
Research 10:00 | Exploring Learning Autonomy and Motivation in South Korean Students Stephen Patrick Hoag203
10:25 | A Dual Literacy Approach for Korean English Learners' Curriculum Samantha Rose Levinson
11:00 amWorkshops II (45 min)
OnnuriMotivating Young Learners Through Effective Classroom Management James KimballOnnuri Hall
HighlightedThe Climate Change Vocab. List: The fun-time A-to-Z for global warming EFL Julian Warmington101
MotivationUsing Board Games for Conversation Practice Bryan Hale107
SkillsPracticing fluency alone? ABSOLUTELY! How about accuracy? MAYBE! Steven Eigenberg202
TechnologyiPad pro Implementation for L2 instruction Bethany Martens201
MixedUsing Critical Language Pedgaogy in the EFL Classroom Luis Roberto Caballero Orozco204
Research 11:00 | Developing Learning Agility Mary Abura203
11:25 | Elementary Pre-service Teachers’ Self-efficacy to Teach ELLs Yong-Jik Lee
12:00 pmLunch Break (60 min)
1:00 pmOpening & Plenary Session Seven Myths in Language Teaching Jack C. RichardsOnnuri Hall
2:00 pmWorkshops III (45 min)
OnnuriActively Incorporating Race Visibility within the Korean ClassroomNathalie CalderonOnnuri Hall
HighlightedMotivation: Skip the Theory and Go Straight to PracticeJames Kimball101
MotivationImprov Comedy as a Tool for English Language Learning Kylie Genter107
SkillsGiving Feedback to Students' Writing Emmy Min202
TechnologyBrave New World: English Class with TechnologyEhean Kim201
MixedEFL in Korea's Remote Elementary Schools: Challenges and Opportunities Vanessa Virgiel204
Research 2:00 | The Evil of Banality: Intersubjectivity and the Text Grant Kimberlin203
2:25 | Project-Based learning: A method to spice up lessons Rhoda Makhanya
3:00 pmWorkshops IV (45 min)
OnnuriProduct & Process in Course Evaluation Jack C. RichardsOnnuri Hall
HighlightedTo See Each Piece of the Mosaic Diane Santos101
MotivationMotivating Students to Read: Interactive Activities to Increase Engagement Jared McKee107
SkillsClassroom Management Strategies for the English Foreign Language Context Nicole Domay202
TechnologyInnovation in the use of film in ELT Michael Rabbidge201
MixedStrategies for student engagement Randlee Reddy 204
Research 3:00 | Tag-Talk: “Who’s it?” “I’m it.” Hee-eun (Renee) Kim203
3:25 | English Teachers' Perceptions on Assessing Pronunciation of Thai Students Valentin Tassev
4:00 pmWorkshops V (45 min)
OnnuriHagwon Exposé: Where Student Motivation Equals Paychecks Katrina Sten
+ Jeffrey Baldwin
Onnuri Hall
HighlightedHarry Potter and the Muggle Motivation Pamila J. Florea101
MotivationTeaching Writing with Anything But! Angela DiSanto107
TechnologyCreating Administrative Systems with QR Codes and Google Drive Tools Jessica Magnusson201
MixedWhy Study Philosophy? Paul Johnson204
Research 4:00 |  Construal in Language Learning Joseph_Tomei203
4:25 | A root analytic approach to academic word lists David Cedric Bennette
4:45 pmClosing CeremonyOnnuri Hall
5:00 pmAfter party & dinner
가족회관 Jeonju Bibimbap Restaurant in Gaeksa가족회관

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