KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Angela (Anjee) DiSanto

Woosong University

Motivation • Room 107 • 16:00

Angela (Anjee) DiSanto(Woosong University)

Talk / Teaching Writing with Anything But!

Learner motivation / creativity

Compared to teaching conversation or listening, writing can be a bit of challenge when it comes to livening up the lessons – especially for newer teachers. Sample texts are tedious. Pen-to-paper writing tasks are necessary, but cumbersome. How can we spark motivation, capture minds, and allow for a sense of fun? In reality, options abound all around us. Drawing on more than 12 years of EFL writing class experience, this presentation encourages the teaching of writing using anything but traditional writing itself. Memes, videos, puzzles, music, podcasts, comics, games, and social media can all punctuate a writing lesson in a lighthearted, memorable (yet still useful) way. This space between the lines is often where student and teacher minds are opened and a love of writing begins.

About Anjee

Angela DiSanto (MA Communication, Duquesne University) has spent more than 12 years teaching at universities in Korea, most often specialized in academic or general writing. Prior to her current job at Woosong University in Daejeon, she spent two years teaching in Chonbuk National University’s Practical English program and 10 years teaching intermediate/advanced content courses in Chonbuk’s English Education Department. Over the course of her time at Chonbuk, she also developed her own curriculum materials and course packets for all classes to allow students to set the traditional textbooks aside and learn in more tailored, salient ways.