KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Bethany Martens

The Ohio State University

Technology • Room 201 • 11:00

Bethany Martens(The Ohio State University)

Talk / iPad pro Implementation for L2 instruction


In this presentation, I will discuss ways in which I have theorized the implementation of an iPad toolkit to better support learners in my “Academic Writing in English as a Second Language” class. Drawing upon the ecological perspectives of linguistic holism, I have designed L2 writing goals and lessons from a Content Based Instruction (CBI) conceptual framework. This presentation will follow my technology implementation journey, including first steps of implementation, adaptations to challenges in technological implementation, and solutions and pedagogical implications based on self-reflection and student feedback. Given that almost every L2 teacher tends to employ emerging technologies to their classroom practices, my journey of the implementation of iPad technology into the L2 writing classroom can give many English language teachers valuable insights into how technology can be used to effectively promote a holistic linguistic approach, while supporting instruction to meet both content and language objectives in various educational contexts.

About Bethany

Bethany Martens is an instructor and PhD student of Teaching and Learning: Foreign, Second, and Multilingual Education at The Ohio State University. She has an MA in TESOL Education from MidAmerica Nazarene University and has taught English as a Second Language in South Korea and China for over 7 years. Her current research interests include CALL and CBI in TESOL education.