KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Ehean Kim

Technology • Room 201 • 14:00

Ehean Kim

Talk / Brave New World: English Class with Technology


This presentation aims to share the ideas of combining technology with English classes to make them more attractive and authentic to language learners. The necessity of using technology is because of the following reasons. First of all, the main problem of FL setting is language learners do not have enough input out of their English classes. Second, the new generation cannot stand traditional English instruction as in the grammar-translation method so that the new trend of language teaching is gamification. Furthermore, differentiated lessons for individual learners become a focal point of language classes. Carefully designed lessons with technology can be a panacea about the problems above, motivating language learners. The participants of this presentation would learn how to use technology effectively to boost language learning. Some useful websites to be able to motivate language learners as well as the ways of using technology I used to be a polyglot will be provided.

About Ehean

Mr. Ehean Kim graduated Magna Cum Laude from Salisbury University with a B.A. in ESOL. He has taught ESOL in the United States, Colombia and South Korea. His research interests include polyglots and developing a curriculum with technology. He speaks English, Korean, Spanish and Chinese.