KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Emmy Min

University of Southern California

Skills • Room 202 • 14:00

Emmy Min(University of Southern California)

Talk / Giving Feedback to Students' Writing

Developing Student Skills (Vocab, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)

In this proposed workshop, the presenter will facilitate an activity around giving feedback to students' writing. By interacting with audience, the presenter will show examples of students' writing and discuss ways to give feedback. The presenter will also introduce different types of rubric and how to use rubrics as a guiding tool to give students feedback. The presenter will also work with audience to discuss ways to give encouraging feedback to promote student motivation for learning.

About Emmy

Dr. Emmy J. Min is an Associate Professor of Clinical Education at University of Southern California's TESOL program. Some of the courses she teaches include “Instruction for English as a New Language,” “Assessment and Instruction for Diverse English Learners” and “Language Teaching Approaches and Strategies.” Min’s research interests include the issues of social and cultural capital, gender, language and online learning as they relate to the education of English language learning and ethnic minority students.