KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Grant Kimberlin

Pukyong National University

Research • Room 203 • 14:00

Grant Kimberlin(Pukyong National University)

Talk / The Evil of Banality: Intersubjectivity and the Text

Learner motivation / creativity

This presentation compares recent research on L2 collaborative meaning-making with research on the banality that makes up much of the available ELL course material to assert that the traditions of Critical Pedagogy and Critical Theory offer key insights into both learner and teacher motivation. It is the tension between positional and nonpositional advantages to education that stand as one of greatest and most enduring barriers to motivation on both ends of the classroom and this presentation forwards Habermas's concept of linguistic intersubjectivity as a lens through which more engaging teaching practice and course material can be designed, delivered, and reflected upon.

About Grant

Grant Kimberlin teaches English presentation, conversation and writing courses for Pukyong National University's Department of English Language and Literature. His research interests include issues in the sociology of education, systems theory and education, world-systems analysis and the structures-of-knowledge approach, and phenomenological analysis.