KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Hee-eun (Renee) Kim

International Graduate School of English (IGSE)

Research • Room 203 • 15:00

Hee-eun (Renee) Kim(International Graduate School of English (IGSE))

Talk / Tag-Talk: “Who’s it?” “I’m it.”


This study explores the process of the Learning-Oriented Assessment (LOA) model assisted by mobile in the classroom teaching IELTS speaking. It is aimed to investigate the characteristics of the mobile learning environment named ‘Tag-Talk’, which the teacher has devised and the impact that LOA tasks via Tag-Talk have on students’ learning performance, motivation and attitudes. A total of 49 students participated in speaking tasks after class by uploading their voice notes via Kakao platform for 12weeks. After each task, a teacher’s written feedback is uploaded on the chatroom. The data is primarily collected through students’ recording, teacher’s feedback and field note over the course along with a survey at the end of the course. The results show a significant positive effect on student learning performance, motivation and attitudes via Tag-Talk. In addition, the findings revealed the mobile-assisted activities confirm the facilitative role in promoting better learning in the LOA model.

About Renee

Hee-eun, Kim has worked as an English instructor for years in various contexts. After the CELTA in London, she has started teaching IELTS speaking. Currently she is studying at IGSE (International Graduate School of English) majoring in ELT and EMD. Among SLA subfields, she is more interested in language assessment internal to the classroom with alignment with large-scale assessment, which is referred to as learning-oriented assessment (LOA). At the classroom level, she has found some limitations to implement the LOA model so that technology-assisted tasks are being performed in the framework.