KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

James Kimball

Semyung University

Highlighted • Room 101 • 14:00

James Kimball(Semyung University)

Talk / Motivation: Skip the Theory and Go Straight to Practice

Classroom Management • Data collection

Motivation is a complex web of attitude, interest, and commitment. Add to this the cyclical nature of motivation where our learners roller coaster through the ebb and flow of language learning. Motivation has been an area of increased study since 2000, and research has uncovered some of the mysteries of the psychology of successful language learning in that time. However, in today’s workshop we will cast aside theory and instead investigate our own classroom practice with a more pragmatic approach to motivation, looking at what teachers do and what they do not do enough of in their class to motivate their students. Anchored by a previous study (Ten commandments for motivating language learners: results of an empirical study, Dornyei & Csizer) in Language Teaching Research, we will share ideas in small groups by reflecting on our own teaching context.

About James

James Kimball holds an MSc in Educational Management in TESOL, and his research interests include program evaluation, assessment, and issues related to curriculum development. James, or Jake, is also keenly interested in teacher development and is the Facilitator of the newly formed Classroom Management Special Interest Group. After teaching EFL in Korea for many years in the private sector, he is now an assistant professor of English in the Liberal Arts Department of Semyung University, where he has been teaching for the past 7 years.