KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

James Kimball

Semyung University

Onnuri • Onnuri Hall • 11:00

James Kimball(Semyung University)

Talk / Motivating Young Learners Through Effective Classroom Management

Young Learners • Classroom Management SIG

Young Learners need to be emotionally invested in classroom activities to succeed. Unfortunately, YLs can be easily distracted or bored. There are a host of reasons why it is difficult to sustain YLs’ motivation: activity type, lesson sequencing, language content, time-on-task, the teacher's role, classmates, home life, diet, sleep, etc. The list is endless. It should come as no surprise that creating and sustaining positive learning experiences takes time, skill, patience, and understanding. In this workshop we will examine core principles and ideas for motivating children; we will then survey some practical solutions to improve classroom conditions necessary to maintain YLs motivation to learn.

About James

James Kimball holds an MSc in Educational Management in TESOL, and his research interests include program evaluation, assessment, and issues related to curriculum development. James, or Jake, was the founder of the Young Learner and Teens Special Interest Group and has worked for many years professionalizing TYL in Korea. He is now the Facilitator of the Classroom Management Special Interest Group. After teaching EFL in Korea for many years in the private sector, he is now an assistant professor of English in the English Department of Semyung University, where he has been teaching for the past 7 years.