KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Jared McKee

Silla University

Motivation • Room 107 • 15:00

Jared McKee(Silla University)

Talk / Motivating Students to Read: Interactive Activities to Increase Engagement

Learner motivation / creativity

Reading is a skill that many students are struggling with everywhere, across the world. Combine that with second language learning in English, it can be a challenge to motivate students to read. In this interactive presentation and workshop, I will talk about my strategies for getting students to be interested and active in their learning English through engaging activities and lessons that are fun and meaningful. Activities include close reading and analysis, activities with a ball and reading aloud, using a word wall and storyboard, and memorization of key sentences to be spoken aloud. In addition, I will go into the research-based strategies that help students increase in their literacy level. Also, I will explain experience working with elementary and secondary students in a private alternative school.

About Jared

Jared McKee is an assistant professor of English at Silla University in Busan. I recently was an English teacher at a private alternative school in Paju, where he taught literature and reading skills to elementary and secondary students in English. He is passionate about promoting literacy in Korea to English language learners. His research interests include language and literacy education and bilingual methods to teaching second languages.