KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Jessica Magnusson

Gwangju National University of Education (GNUE)

Technology • Room 201 • 16:00

Jessica Magnusson(Gwangju National University of Education (GNUE))

Talk / Creating Administrative Systems with QR Codes and Google Drive Tools

Technology • Hagwon administration & management

Teachers and administrators often find themselves bogged down with repetitive tasks such as tracking attendance, grading student homework and quizzes, writing report cards and contacting students and parents. Doing some or all of these regular tasks manually can be very time-consuming, and can lead to exhaustion. In addition, teachers and administrators often look towards costly software or learning management systems to find solutions for regular administrative work. Many of the regular administrative tasks of managing a classroom or school can be automated with the use of QR codes (quick references to media and data) and tools found in Google Drive such as such Google Forms, Google Sheets, and a Google QR Code add-in. This presentation will demonstrate how QR Codes and Google Drive Tools are being used within the context of a small English hagwon. A demonstration will be given of how QR codes can be generated within Google Sheets. Participants will see how QR Codes can be used to send text messages, track student attendance, keep track of classroom materials, and send users directly to links. Participants will also see how Google Forms and Google Sheets can be used to create and grade quizzes, build a curriculum, and generate report cards.

About Jessica

Jessica Magnusson has been teaching general conversation courses, teacher training courses, and special programs at Gwangju National University of Education(GNUE) since 2011. In addition, she has various types of experience teaching in hagwons and at English camps. She earned a Masters in TESOL from the School for International Training(SIT) in Vermont, USA. She is interested in teaching vocabulary and reading comprehension to all ages of learners.