KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Ju-yeon Kim

International Graduate School of English (IGSE)

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Ju-yeon Kim(International Graduate School of English (IGSE))

Talk / The relationship between reading motivation and comprehension for EFL students

Learner motivation / creativity

The purpose of the study was to examine direct and indirect relations between reading motivation and second-language (L2; i.e., English) reading comprehension through two sequentially related mediators: metacognitive reading strategy and English morphological awareness among sixth-grade Korean students (N = 173) learning English as a foreign language (EFL). Finding shows that the direct relation of motivation with L2 reading comprehension was not significant. However, the indirect effect via metacognitive reading strategy and morphological awareness was significant. The results suggest that higher reading motivation increased metacognitive reading strategy and then morphological awareness, which, in turn, contributed to L2 reading comprehension.

About Ju-yeon

Ju-yeon Kim is a graduate school student in the ELT material development program at the International Graduate School of English. She has worked as a special education teacher at a public elementary school and a local office of education for over ten years. Her interests are literacy and research-based interventions for students with special needs including students who are struggling to learn to read. She holds an MA degree in Education from Seoul National University.