KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Julian Warmington

Climate Education Network

Highlighted • Room 101 • 11:00

Julian Warmington(Climate Education Network)

Talk / The Climate Change Vocab. List: The fun-time A-to-Z for global warming EFL

Interdisciplinary Language Learning • Survival / The Environment and Social Justice

The easy A-to-Z our students and we need to start to deal with climate change. A companion project to the C3: the Climate Change Curriculum, another crowd sourced development to mobilize professional action on learning and teaching “adaptation” and “mitigation” of the “industrial greenhouse effect” and related issues. Being a workshop, the list will be introduced, and time will be kept for questions, queries, and creative contributions. GGESkills.Wordpress.com

About Julian

Julian Warmington has been teaching at the university level in South Korea for more than ten years. He is a member of the Climate Action Network,- a group of volunteer EFL teachers available for consulting on developing lesson plans and curricula, and/or class interviews on climate change issues. He is a founding member of KOTESOL's Environmental Justice special interest group. His professional interests include teaching climate change, critical thinking, and cooperative learning. GGESkills.Wordpress.com