KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Kylie Genter

MOE NIIED English Education Center

Motivation • Room 107 • 14:00

Kylie Genter(MOE NIIED English Education Center)

Talk / Improv Comedy as a Tool for English Language Learning

Learner motivation / creativity

This workshop will present teachers with a basic knowledge of improv comedy rules and games modified for an ESL classroom. First, teachers will learn some basic improv/theater warm up games followed by a brief overview of the rules of improv and how they align with common ESL classroom goals. Following this brief introduction, teachers will jump right into various improv games starting with easy, basic games and gradually working towards more difficult games. The improv games will provide students with opportunities for spontaneous English production through speaking, regardless of age or ability. All teachers in this workshop are expected to play the games. After playing several games teachers will be asked to break into small groups and discuss how they could utilize these games in their own classrooms.

About Kylie

Kylie Genter is an English teacher at the MOE NIIED English Education Center located in Jeju, South Korea. She’s originally from New York, USA. Her classes for Korean English teachers specialize in improv comedy in the classroom, storytelling techniques, Jeju Culture, and Jeju Geology. She has lived in Korea since September, 2012 and has taught students from age five to eighty-three.