KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Michael Rabbidge

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Technology • Room 201 • 15:00

Michael Rabbidge(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Talk / Innovation in the use of film in ELT


Commercial film and video have long aroused the interest of language educators, promising to motivate learners while providing language- and meaning-rich input. In practice, its use has mostly been disappointing. The first part of this workshop examines the strengths and limitations of the medium, arguing that effective practice is built upon a sound understanding of the stylized nature of film dialogue and how it differs from ordinary conversation. Part two explores new directions in the use of video, demonstrating the use of materials produced in close collaboration between film makers, applied linguists and language teachers. We demonstrate a range of materials and teaching ideas for different levels, including pragmatics-focused lessons, applications of Conversation Analysis, writing lessons, and applications to online self-study. We conclude with reflections on the suitability of these materials within the Korean context.

About Michael

Michael Rabbidge works in the English education department at Hankuk University of Foreign studies. He has taught English in both South Korea and New Zealand. He has worked on teacher training courses and TESOL programs in South Korea, and published articles about his research in this context.