KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Paul Johnson

Changshin University

Mixed • Room 204 • 16:00

Paul Johnson(Changshin University)

Talk / Why Study Philosophy?

Reflective Teaching Practice

This interactive workshop seeks to share with ESL instructors the benefits that the study of philosophy can have in our lives. To do this, the following approach will be taken: First, there will a short introduction to answer the question, “What is philosophy?” During this section, the three branches of philosophy will be examined briefly, namely, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics. Next, we’ll look at logic. In particular, how learning how to be more logical can benefit us daily. Finally, we’ll take a look at how the study of philosophy can help us with the existential problems what come with teaching. This presentation will be an interactive, back and forth experience, so put on your thinking caps and come join us for some fun and thoughtful conversations. Let’s help make each other's lives better!

About Paul

Paul Johnson was born and raised in Southern California. He has an M.A. in Philosophy and focuses on Ethics. He loves running, reading, and making music. He wants to use games to help make the world a better place. Paul teaches at Changshin University.