KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Randlee Reddy

Woosong University

Mixed • Room 204 • 15:00

Randlee Reddy(Woosong University)

Talk / Strategies for student engagement

Learner motivation / creativity • Student engagement

No two students are alike in how they may approach learning. Arguably, no two classes are ever the same, even if the same content or course is being taught. Each class has its own unique atmosphere. Similarly, not every student learns or interacts in the same way. The goal of the instructor is to develop and promote a learning environment that encourages active participation from all students. Students learn in diverse ways, which can be further complicated by majors, language and culture. What this alludes to, it all of these factors make the possibility of engaging diverse students a challenging task. In this presentation, we will highlight various strategies that different institutions/instructors/researchers use in order to create actively engaged students. What are some of the best practice strategies for engaging students. This presentation will focus on general ways to develop active engagement with students in the classroom, as basis for discussion.

About Randlee

Randlee Reddy serves as assistant professor at Woosong University. He is an educator, author, and leader. He has also worked in leadership development with Nonprofit Organizations, Coaching, basic Conflict Resolution, writing & Editing, and Volunteer Management.