KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Richard Schlight

SolBridge International School of Business

Skills • Room 202 • 10:00

Richard Schlight(SolBridge International School of Business)

Talk / EFL Academic Writing Instruction Workshop

Academic Writing Instruction

This workshop is intended as a forum in which writing instructors and tutors can share their approaches towards non-fiction EFL writing instruction and discuss the techniques that work best for them in given situations. We will focus on such big picture issues as helping students generate ideas, understand weak versus strong arguments, plan their essays, support their claims, and cite their sources. From a technical standpoint, we will discuss the technical problems in student writing that impede upon the clarity of students’ writing. Although some of the material may help instructors with students of all backgrounds, the focus will be on advanced intermediate and higher Korean learners.

About Richard

Richard Schlight runs the writing center at Solbridge International School of Business in Daejeon where he also teaches a written communications class to multilingual learners. He has researched the efficacy of the writers workshop as a means of developing the writing skills of ESL graduate students and has published book reviews on EFL writing in Journal of Second Language Writing and Applied Linguistics.