KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Richard “Steven” Eigenberg

Busan University of Foreign Studies

Skills • Room 202 • 11:00

Richard “Steven” Eigenberg(Busan University of Foreign Studies)

Talk / Practicing fluency alone? ABSOLUTELY! How about accuracy? MAYBE!

Developing Student Skills (Vocab, Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)

Internationally known tests (such as IELTS) show that Korean student production skills lag behind their reception skills. Practicing reception alone (reading and listening) students have many options for practice (videos, books, comics). BUT practicing production alone is problematic. It would be a wonderful thing if 2nd language learners could always be with a native or near native speaker for practice and feedback, but that is not possible. This presentation will offer two solo practice activities that can be easily taught to students. The first is speaking and the second is writing. Both of these activities have been used at Busan University of Foreign Studies with close to 1000 students. The speaking fluency changes have been dramatic and popular with the students. Some of the students have used the practice techniques in other languages (Chinese and French) and they are reporting improvement there too.

About Steve

Richard “Steve” Eigenberg teaches at Busan University of Foreign Studies. He holds two MA degrees (TESOL and an MBA) and a CELTA. He has 10+ years teaching experience in Korea and previously presented at KOTESOL in 2012 “Teachers Stop Talking and Use Your Hands”. His works have been published by the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education and English Connection Magazine. Email: steve@tggroup.biz.