KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Samantha Rose Levinson

Research • Room 203 • 10:25

Samantha Rose Levinson

Talk / A Dual Literacy Approach For Korean English Learners’ Curriculum

Developing Student Skills

ELL vocabulary curriculum is often build to help students decode new words in a decontextualized fashion. This project explores the role that task-based curriculum plays on literacy development to better equip second language (L2) English speakers who are living in a non-English speaking country to advance to English language high school and university. The presentation focuses the development of a curriculum with task-based learning activities that supports the vocabulary development of elementary Korean English language learners using Greek root words and affixes beyond vocabulary word lists. The curriculum uses grapheme, phoneme, morpheme awareness, integrated in a way that helps students understand how words are built. Students find meaning of unknown words by breaking the word down into its parts as well as analyzing the context of the text. My guiding question is this: How will the use of task-based learning activities affect the reading and writing literacy of elementary Korean English language learners? I hope that educators find that the units offer a new perspective to ELL vocabulary acquisition that accesses and builds on background knowledge leading to higher comprehension. KEYWORDS: Greek affixes, root words, task based instruction, guided reading, essential questions, literature circles, reader’s theater, activating background information, higher order thinking, language interactions, vocabulary development

About Samantha

Samantha Rose Levinson is a graduate of Master of Education with a reading and writing certificate from Hamline University as of May 2019 and a Bachelors of Fine Arts form Alfred University in May of 2006. She has lived and worked in Mokpo, Korea for the past ten years. She first came to Mokpo was an English instructor at Mokpo University and has worked at over ten other institutions both public and private. She has run an English study room since 2014.