KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Shufang Wang

Paichai University

Poster • Hallway • All day

Shufang Wang(Paichai University)

Talk / Motivating students through self-determination theory and the 5Ts framework

Learner motivation / creativity

Motivation plays an important role in learning foreign languages and many scholars have conducted research to analyze how motivational strategies can help students learn English well in the EFL class. This paper seeks to extend motivation theory to students’ and teachers’ attitudes in the EFL classroom based on the self-determination theory (SDT) of Barkar et al. (2010) and the 5Ts of motivation framework of Renandya (2013). The 5Ts refer to teachers, teaching method, task, test and text. In order to have a better understanding of students’ and teachers’ attitudes, two questionnaires were designed. Participants were 12 students and 8 English teachers from universities in Shanxi province, mainland China. Students were divided into three groups, with 4 each, who belongs to different levels: low, intermediate and advanced level. Through this study, students are guided to motivate themselves to learn English well through SDT. Furthermore, some practical suggestions are given to teachers. Teachers should notice that if their attitudes towards motivation through the 5Ts are similar to those of students, teachers can motivate their students by adopting appropriate strategies. If attitudes differ, they can pay more attention to changing their strategies to motivate their students. Keywords: Motivation; Self-Determination Theory; 5Ts Framework

About Shufang

Shufang Wang is now a Ph.D student in PaiChai University and majored in TESOL English Education under the supervision of Prof. Chang-in Lee.