KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Sunhee Ko

International Graduate School of English (IGSE)

Poster • Hallway • All day

Sunhee Ko(International Graduate School of English (IGSE))

Talk / Exploring the Effects of Drama Techniques on English Learners’ Motivation

Learner motivation / creativity

This presentation looks at the impact of drama-based instruction on Korean middle school students. In this presentation, attendees will be guided through what drama-based instruction is and how drama can be integrated into English class. Attendees will also be introduced to its influences on EFL Secondary English learners’ motivation. The presenter will introduce the methods she used to collect data and discuss results from student reflections, teacher journals, and interviews. Through this presentation attendees will gain understanding of drama integrated English teaching and its impacts on English learning motivation in EFL Secondary context; furthermore attendees will have a new insight of teaching English in a more enjoyable and engaging way.

About Sunhee

Sunhee Ko is a graduate student in the TESOL program at the International Graduate School of English. She has five years of experience teaching English in various public schools from elementary to high school in Korea. She has previously presented at MATSDA on developing speaking material using drama techniques. Her research and practices focus on integrating drama into English teaching in order to engage students in English learning and English learning motivation.