KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Valentin Tassev

Woosong University

Research • Room 203 • 15:25

Valentin Tassev(Woosong University)

Talk / English Teachers’ Perceptions on Assessing Pronunciation of Thai Students

Developing Student Skills • Pronunciation

This research study examines the perceptions of both native English teachers (NETs) and non-native English teachers (NNETs) on assessing the English pronunciation of Thai native speakers enrolled at a tertiary institution. Both groups referred variously to a series of features of pronunciation as quite important, such as intonation, rhythm and stress amongst others. Also, both groups stated that overall intelligibility was an extremely important factor in terms of conveying the desired meaning to the listener and, respectively, they considered it as a crucial factor in terms of pronunciation assessment. Moreover, both groups agreed that familiarity with an accent largely affects their assessment practices when it comes to pronunciation. Yet, there were some differences between both groups and grammar could be considered as the most important aspect of pronunciation where both groups shared some contrasting views and opinions.

About Valentin

Valentin Tassev is an Assistant Professor of English at Woosong University, Daejeon, South Korea. He enjoys teaching the language along with promoting students’ inter-cultural competence and awareness.