KOTESOL 2019 National Conference

Yong-Jik Lee

Far East University

Research • Room 203 • 11:25

Yong-Jik Lee(Far East University)

Talk / Elementary Pre-service Teachers’ Self-efficacy to Teach ELLs

Reflective Teaching Practice • Microteaching

Recognizing a lack of previous studies of mainstream teachers’ preparation for teaching ELLs, this study examines four pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy while working with ELLs through ESL microteaching experiences. The data consisted of two individual interviews with four pre-service teachers and researchers’ two classroom observations. Study findings indicated that the four pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy was generally improved after having participated in ESL microteaching experiences because it enhanced pedagogical knowledge and provided more opportunities to evaluate their knowledge through microteaching practices. However, pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy varied depending on ELLs’ diverse English proficiency, home languages, and previous teaching and working experiences with ELLs. This study provides several suggestions about how teacher educators can create a purposeful ESL microteaching experience for teacher candidates in the teacher education program.

About Yong-Jik

Yong-Jik Lee, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in Foreign language program at Far East University. He teaches courses focused on English speaking, reading, and writing. His research interests include the flipped classroom, English for specific purpose, and preservice teacher education for multicultural students in Korea.